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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I access/register for www.university.travel?

You need to register with university.travel to be able to access the site. You are eligible to register if you are a government employee and have a valid government email address. To register go to the university.travel login page; there you will see a link to register. You will then need to enter the required fields; once completed your password will be sent to your government email inbox.

2. I work for a government Company but my email address does not have '.gov' or '.edu' can I still use this site?

If you work for a government company but your company's domain is not recognised by our site you need to send an email to enquiries@hrs.com to have it set up. To set your company’s domain up with access we require a written document from head personnel stating that the company is a government body and staff using your domain are entitled to government rates.

3. Can I book accommodation for non Government travellers?

No, the only time non government people can use these rates is if they are staying in the room with you.

4. Can I book Leisure/personal travel on www.university.travel?

As a government employee you are entitled to use this site for any of your accommodation bookings. Please be advised that this site is geared towards business travel and as such may not have all of the destinations which you wish to book for your personal requirements.

5. How do I make requests for the Hotel?

Once you have selected which hotel you would like to book it will bring up a page; at the bottom of the page there is a box. You can type request such as a rollaway, room configuration e.g. 2 double beds, a double and a single. You can also put in requests for floors and other needs and wants. However please note that these are just requests and they will be based on the availability of the hotel.

6. How do I book for other faculty members?

If you are booking for someone else it is important that you put it through that way so that the hotel has the correct name in their system. Once you have selected which hotel you would like to book it will bring up a page and at the bottom of the page there will be 2 options.
   *  I'm travelling
   *  I'm booking for someone else

Please select the second option, this will allow you to add the traveller's details into the system. From this point on the booking will go through under the traveller’s name.